Hands of Fate Chap.6 Part 1

Chapter 6

On the Run



He folded his arms across his chest adjusting his position as he leaned back against the window sill again trying to get comfier. He looked out across the city.  Through the streets below he could see dark figures approaching the hotel. The looked like men in dark robes. He narrowed his eyes to try, and get a better look. Three monks entered the hotel. His heart began to race. How could they find them so fast? He tried to lower his spirit energy but it’s no good.

“Stacy wake up we need to leave. He said shaking her.”

“Hmmm. Why it’s dark and I want to rest more. I will still help you but a deserve sleep to.” I was mumbling while wiping my sleepy eyes and tried to lie back down. Jerked up off the bed I screamed out startled. He dragged me along as he grabbed for the packs and gathered our things rushing out the door still dragging me. I had not noticing what was going on. He paused making me bump into his back. He senses them their spiritual power growing as they got closer they were one floor below them.

“Stacy, we need to run he whispered as he looked around. There; He pointed to an emergency exit next to the elevator as if I was paying attention still half asleep. Pulling me he dashed down the hall my body stumbling as I was pulled around. The elevator door dinged stopping on the 9th floor. The doors slid open the manager was suddenly grabbed being thrown back hitting his head on the elevator safety bar knocking him out. Silver and gold knife shape daggers where throw scathing Ben’s right shoulder as he tried to dodge suddenly feeling their essence I woke startled.

“Ben!” SI hollered his hand released my wrist. She was now wide awake shocked as three men in robes a dark grey came charging into the hallway corridor.

“We have to fight Stace, or we’ll be dead.” Ben said thrusting my staff to me.

“No, I can’t” I cried. I had never had to kill a human being before just demons.

“Stace!” Ben called out. A staff came slamming down at me my arms raised up staff in hand. Ben threw himself in from of me managing to shield the attack crashing down on my head. However, the men surrounded us. Ben fought hard trying to keep a firm stance to block the attacks from above. The man with a scar kept striking over and over, laying blow after blow down on top of the other colliding into Ben’s staff. The sound of the metal crashing into each other cried out. The other two men’s eye turned to still collapsed on the floor. I don’t’ get why this is happening. There’s eyes on me made me shiver was it because I was only wearing a tee shirt and under garments that they learned at me so. I had never felt so aware of the fact that I was a girl before till I saw their eyes looking at me like hungry animals.


“Master Alastar not only went rouge, he broke his vows as well. Not that I’d blame him.” One of the men said. He was leering at me smiling. I wanted to puke from the thoughts he was thinking. The look in his eyes and the others where sickening. She shuddered. She felt violated and completely naked from just their staring.

“You stay away from her!” Ben shouted warning them. “You think you can touch her so easily you nasty pigs.” Ben turned swinging his staff at the other two monks as they inched nearer. A sound of something hard slamming against rock came from behind. Stumbling forward; Ben was falling face first onto the purple carpeting. Watching as his body fell like a limp corpse.

“Ben!” I screamed crawling to his side shaking him viciously. “Don’t leave me.”

“He’s not moving is he dead?” One of the monks asked

“If so then there’s no getting information out of him on the boy.”

“Shit so weak, that wasn’t even that hard. We’re going to get our asses kicked when we get back.” The monks removed the hood looking down at Ben and me. The Man with the scar was older he scratched his head angry, “stupid bastard” he kicked Ben in the chest.

“Well no since in letting his spoils go to waste don’t you think; maybe he even told her a few things. Maybe we should force her to talk.” The man who looked like an ugly drowned rat said wipes his mouth as if he had been drooling. I couldn’t help noticing his eyes as he looked at me, they were yellow. Drugs maybe. One of his eyes was also lazy. He stared at me as if inspecting me inside and out in his mind. I wanted to cover up as I hugged Ben tighter.  The other man was smoking a cigarette where they really monks they looked like a couple of assassins accept that one. I stole a glance at the old man with the scar he had long silver hair. I know I have seen him before but where? The two men were arguing on what to do with her. They don’t seem to work well together.

“Fine do what you want with her; like I give a damn what you do!” The old man had shouted now irritated cause of the entire ruckus.

“NO!” I screamed I stood throwing my arms around the Bens back around to his chest as he lay unconscious face down clinging for life. laying my upper body down his back and his head rested in my lap. My arms where locked around him as they grabbed and pulled at me.

“Just pull her off already!” The man bitched at the other. “Don’t worry girly; we just want a turn like our monk friend here.” They began kicking at my arms as I struggled to resist letting go. I was flooded by fear as I screamed. These people where real monsters but they were still human a new kind of fear struck me. No one was coming out of their rooms; they were pretended they didn’t hear anything.

“Damn it!” The old man shouted. “Shut the bitch up already she’s hurting my head; if you can’t do it then just kill her!” He commanded. The older man began to walk away. He wanted to get as far away as he could.

“You coward” I screamed out; finally, being pulled off the body of my partner. I furious at this point had nothing to lose making him mad, as I stared down at the old monk as he turned around. At that moment, I could tell he hated being called a coward more than anything. If you want me dead then do it yourself you coward. I said calling him it again.

I wanted him mad I wanted him to end it instead of being raped. However, he was now chuckling as he walked back toward me I could feel his eyes taking a good look at me. It was different from the others.

“You’ve got balls for a little girl; no one dares to talk to me like that.” He reaches into his robe pulling out a silver dagger with sapphire jewels on the hilt and places it at my throat. The men were holding me still each griping an arm.

“What’s it matters; even if I’m scared of you my fate still the same I’d rather make the coward do his dirty work if I’m going to die.”  Baiting him on I mouthed off again.

“Shut up, you stupid woman or he really will kill you.” The rat faced men whispered almost sounding sickly. Like hell I’ll shut up if I do that I’m left to be raped by the other two.

I could feel the heat on my face it was red and hot with anger. Ben was dead because I refused to help, because I was afraid to kill a human being. Nothing else mattered to me now. Sadness took over quickly though to my own thoughts.

“Please just kill me.”  I felt cold my skin clammy as if I could feel all color fading from my face. I was scared but I refused to cry in front of him. I stared the old man in the eyes as I asked him to kill me. I was serious I wanted him to let me die. I had failed Ben like in my dreams. I killed him.

“Tell me kid,” He had removed the knife now from my throat kneeling on the balls of his boots keeping eye contact. The old man was calm as he spoke.  “Do you know about a friar boy named Jarret?”

I opened my eyes wide filled with shock.  Is that why they’re here? I tried turned my head away to think, I didn’t want to look him in the face fear the truth would be seen. I was sure it was all over my face, no mask was broken.

“If you’re thinking of lying I’ll tell you something.” The old man motioned over to Ben. “Your friend here will really die; I’ll make sure of it.” My eyes followed the old mans I looked over at the corpse lying on the floor.

It was faint, but I could see his back going up and down he was breathing he had just fainted from the strike. I was filled with relief my heart racing. However, that meant this man would kill him while he was unconscious. I shuddered at the thought. looking back into this man’s eyes I glared at the thought of him hurting Ben deep inside though I couldn’t help thinking I knew him though. I thought of something they said earlier though and I couldn’t hide the smile on my face as I looked at him.

“What makes you smile, is it that great he lives so you can see him die for a second time.” He asks confused how she could be so brave.

“You won’t kill him yet,” she said staring the old man down. He began laughing as he smiled at her. He liked her spirit.


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