Hands of Fate Chap.5 Part 1


Chapter 5

Reality Nightmare





“Why is it so hot again? I feel like I can’t breathe. What’s that smell; sulfur? I can see a light flickering straight ahead. Should I leave the darkness and go to the light. I want to know what it is.”

Sound of footsteps echoed in the empty dark corridor as I ran toward the light. My breathing was getting heavier with each step. As I inched forward it grew increasingly hotter. After some time, it was hard to keep going, it was as if my lungs became lead, and was surrounded by fire. Collapsing my body lay on what felt like marble flooring. Laying my head on the floor How I wished for a cold draft from the rock to seep across my face, but there was none. In the silence, I could hear talking ahead. There was yelling, and the sound of screams coming from beyond the light. I wanted to know what has happened and why I was there, but I can’t move. I close my eyes and hold my breath trying to quite the sound of my own heart bounding in my head. Be still me heart so I can make out the words from up ahead. The voices where speaking in another language it almost sounded like Eredun the language of demons. Where was I, now stricken with panic I could feel it rise in my throat? Listening harder
I realized it wasn’t Eredun least not anymore why; I under stood it as if hearing someone speaking English. Could I have been mistaken at what I had heard at first?

“He’s dead your majesty! A groggy yet load voice said. But it va..va.. vanished with him sir! He said as if afraid to utter the words.”

“SEARCH THE THREE PLAINS FIND IT! IT HAS TO BE MINE! GO NOW. I WILL HAVE THAT WEAPON.” A deep menacing sounding voice shouted in anger.

“There master, it’s hiding in the darkness it lays on the ground.” A crackling rapidly voice said. A finger appeared out from near the light; it was pointing down the corridor.

They want me I’m no weapon I must escape! Fear frozen me.

Silence fell and the light was gone. The heat had vanished and I was alone sitting up looking around to see what happened, looking for any signs of other people. I was completely alone in the dark. Squeezing my eyes shut wrapping my arms around my knees that where now pressed against her chest. Rocking from side to side trying to distract herself. I was scared of the darkness I was afraid to be alone. I would rather die with the monsters around me in the light then sit alone in the darkness. Tears welling up, someone help me. The sounds of clanging of metal began to surround me. Opening my eyes to see what the nose was I screamed out. Surrounded by a people charging each other in a field. Was she in the middle of a battle? Their swords were clinging as they clashed against each other. Men were running around. The dying men’s last screams filled the air. Blood covered the grassy plains. Trying to crawl out from middle of battlefield; blood spattered on my face and a corpse fell before my face. I was frozen. The face of the corpse wasn’t a man but a monster. The sword drew out from the corpse. I looked up standing before me was a man wearing a suit of armor with a red cross on it. Who were these men and monsters? Why were they fighting? The man’s gaze caught mine; his face suddenly changed to a smirk.

“I finally found you; the power will be mine.” The man mumbled. Fear consumed me completely as he raised his sword above his head.

Will, I be killed? The sword swung down as I am raising my arms to cover my head. Waiting to die felt like a life time. I swore I could hear my own heart stop beating. Have I been granted a painless death; I opened my eyes. The man was gone and it was dark once more. Afraid to just sit there I got up and began to run in the darkness with no idea where I was going. An image of a village appeared around me. I couldn’t help feeling this village looked familiar. There where posts in the center of town surrounded by wood and hay.  I looked across the road there was a church. I felt drawn to it. Walking to it, but the center of town faded now I was in a room. A father and a pastor where sitting at a table and in the corner on the floor of the room sat crossed legged a young boy no older than eight. The father was young with brown hair and blue eyes, and the pastor looked to be about fifty with gray hair.

“Jerry it’s been over a couple centuries’ there’s no more fear of the reincarnation; if she had been born she’d be dead by now. If we can’t have the power no one else can.” The boy in the corner was smiling happily as he played with the lose string on his shirt.

He looked like someone I once knew. I was beginning to feel hot again suddenly, turning around as the image faded I saw it. Women were tied to the posts. There screams filled the town as fire consumed them. A man in a robe stood before them praying. Beginning to feel hotter by the second as I watched in horror. The pain was sharp and stinging. It felt as if my skin was burning. The smell a rotting and the smell of burning flesh choked at my senses making me gag I was now suddenly surrounded by raging flames.

“NO! Why me?” I screamed suddenly bound.

We are condemning you as a witch after killing both your masters may god save your evil soul! The man in robs said as he smiled viciously.

“I don’t want to die! I must protect Ben!” The screams of all the woman harmonized with my own little voice. All I could do was cry as the tears evaporated in the heat of the flames as it consumed me.



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