Anna’s Trials V.2 Chap.1 P.1

Chapter One






The Feng residence has been in utter chaos since the disaster. It turns out that Lady Brittany had been working as a spy for her father Elder Berston this whole time. Through the arranged marriage, she spent time with Ren learning the ins and outs of his workings. Hitting the Feng Clan at its weakest point. That day when I was announced Ren’s Fiancée there was an explosion at Hashiro Cyber Tech. Everyone there had been killed; over 150 people were inside the building when the attack had taken place. At that time, Ren was also supposed to be there if it wasn’t for the change in plans when he decided to get me from the hospital himself he would have been dead. I shudder at the thought. Brittany was after all quiet the little actress even had me fooled when she looked so scared when we were kidnapped. David too he acted as if he had no clue who she was while he pretended to torture her. Thinking about it I almost laugh at my stupidity I bet they slept together that’s why he didn’t mind touching her. That bastard never even dared to kiss me until Ren appeared in my life.

When Maliki and Mike had burst into Ren’s room that day to deliver the shocking news it was almost like Ren could care less from his expression. He was calm and collected giving out orders. He split the work gathering info, backing up data the was stored in a server elsewhere from the company, Figures on money loss and other tasks as well as informing the families of the employees aiding where he could for the loss. That night though; I realized just how human he was when I embraced him, supported him when we were alone and he couldn’t keep his face from showing the torment he felt. He had been suffering and pained by the turn of events.

The chaos put all clans on edge each suspecting the other of betrayal because it was the elders from each clan that had agreed to put Lady Brittany into the position to set plans in motion for this assault on the Feng Clan. Because of that Ren Feng himself announced that he would be cutting off all ties with the other clans. Some of the men feared a war at hand between the clans and fled town. Those of us that stayed continue to train for what’s to come.

“Anna, you’re too slow, do you want to be killed!” Ren shouting at me as he throws a punch at me. I barley block as I fall backwards hard on my butt against the open grass field behind the estate.

“I’m tired, give me a break.” I say wiping the sweat from my face with the back of my hand.

My body is already so sore. Though I had no right to complain besides training me, Ren, Maliki, and Mike have been working around the clock trying to rebuild what was lost. I just train and stand beside Ren. I’m only useful if he gets attacked directly. I feel a little down. As I stare down at me feet. Ren looking down at me annoyed for whining.

“The Enemy will not give you a break, now get up and do it again!” He barks as if ordering a soldier.

Wobbly, I us my hands to steady myself as I push myself up onto my feet. I get into ready position fists clenched up in front of my chest waiting for him to come at me. Fighting Maliki and Mike had always been a challenge but doable, however; Ren is something else entirely. He was more like a devil who doesn’t play by the rules. Charging at me again I see his shoulder move a long swing to my left. I side step to dodge but instead of what I expected to happen I am grabbed by the collar of my t-shirt and thrown over his shoulder as if I was flying for brief second closing my eyes waiting for my body to make contact on the ground. The pain of impact it unbearable as I land face down into the prickly wet grass. I want to cry, biting my lip, I stand again. I look up only to see Ren’s face looks worried.

“What’s with that expression of yours? In battle never show your enemy your weak point! That’s what you told me remember!” I growl at him. Of course, I want him to care, I want him to worry but if he looks at me like that now I will just want him to hold me. I need to be his strength.

His expression quickly changes to scarier than death himself. I want to cower at his over whelming presence. Sound of clapping in the night air breaks the tension as we look across the garden seeing Mike standing there cheerfully.

“Beautifully done Anna, you are by far the top of us in combat keeping up with our Lord like that.” He walks over patting my shoulder. My knees wanting to buckle under the weight.

“She’s not nearly as good as me.” Ren sneers up at Mike. Geez the jerk doesn’t have to say it like that. “But I can’t say she’s without skill however; she’s still to slow in close range combat.” Ren tacks on after a short pause to his first statement.

“Well of course she’s too slow matching you, you’re a freak with that speed. I swear it’s so unhuman that one might think you’re a vampire.” Mike jokes back at Ren.

Ren grins mischievously at Mike. “Vampire, don’t you mean super hero.” He laughs at his own joke.

“Vampire or demon is closer to the truth then hero.” I mumble under my breath but fails to go unnoticed as Ren arches and eyebrow in annoyance at me again. Mike just laughs though and wraps his hand around my sweaty waist pulling me close to him to whisper in my ear.  I try not to laugh and smile at what he had to say.

Ren’s face looks as if he’s sucking on a lemon to Mikes teasing. “What do you want? You’re disturbing Anna’s training we only have so much time to train. If your bugging us for nothing get lost before I beat you till you never stand again.” Ren growled at Mike turning his head away, his gaze fixed as he was looking up at the moon, He looked annoyed a deep sigh escaping his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair. The gleam of the moonlight elegantly glistening on his sleek bare chest.

“I just thought it might be good to let her take a rest for the rest of the night.” He shrugs releasing me finally from his grip. Walking toward Ren. “I mean fighting the man you love can’t be easy on the mind or the body, especially when it’s you.” I finally understood what Mike was doing.

“It’s okay Mike I need this to keep at Ren’s side. Out here during training we are enemies.” I try to tell him but I can’t help wanting to sigh at my own statement. It sounds more like I’m trying to convince myself more than him.

I would be lying to say I wasn’t tired, or hurt but; more than that. I glance over and watch Ren basking in the moon light like this. Part of me would rather have him hold me when he grabs me. That instead of tossing me we embrace and feel each other. I long for his touch like before. I can feel my own face blush as I imagine him kissing me passionately our sweaty bodies pressed firmly together. Ever since the time he came to my room in the servants housing we haven’t been one even though I’m to marry him. Shaking away my day dreaming. I hope I wasn’t doing something stupid like drooling over my fantasies of him holding me again. However, Mike seems to notice my sudden unusual behavior and lets out a short laugh, which makes Ren turn his head from his intense gaze at the moon to where we stood and sighs.

“Fine we will call it here, go warm your body.” He says nudging his head to point the direction of his room. I can’t help feeling I disappointed him. I bit my lower lip thinking of his expression as he said to go with a sigh.

I had started sleeping in his room for about a week now but he’s never here at night I sometimes worry he is sleeping elsewhere with someone else. I can’t help feeling frustrated. Standing in the steamy shower, I close my eyes dreaming of him coming in offering to wash my back his hands touching me. Gahhh! What the hell am I thinking about. He’s like a disease or an addiction and I’m starting to have major withdrawals. I know I can’t complain though, I know he’s busy. I’m so exhausted I slip on my night gown and pass out the second my head hits the pillow.


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