Anna’s Trial V.2 Chap.3


Chapter Three





Ren had told me to stay clear while he was in the meeting with the clan heads and, to think I even got dressed up too look presentable in front of them because I wanted to show them that I am the one meant to stand at Ren’s side but it was for not, and now because he doesn’t want me there I can’t help feeling if I stay away he might become mad and loose it. That or if one of them try’s something funny I want to be here to help Ren if he is in trouble. That’s why I am standing out in the hall with my ear against the double doors to our room listening in. Problem is I never expected this to be the topic as I ease dropped.

“I’m getting rather tired of having this conversation I thought this shit was over after the black panther clan screwed me over.” I hear Ren growling “I have a future wife and I don’t intend to take another.

The heads had come all this way to persuade him again to take one of their daughters and to form an alliance in the clans. I was so upset I was shaking with anger. I wanted to storm in there and end this whole conversation.

“Lord Feng we are not done talking where do you think you’re going?” I heard one of the older men call out to Ren. His reply was for a walk if they wanted to talk they had to follow him.

Oh, now I was going to be caught ease dropping. I turn and start to run down the hall but don’t make it far when someone comes out from around the corner hall and crashes into me and I fall back.

“I’m sorry young Miss,” the masculine voice smoothly says.”

“No, it’s okay if you’ll excuse me,” I say trying to hurry off before I’m caught. Our eyes meet or a brief second.

“Jilly, wait!” The man calls out surprising me by grabbing my wrist pulling me into an embrace. Before I could push him off or even understand what the hell was going on. The door to Ren’s and my room had opened. Ren’s gaze suddenly on me and the man holding me. I wanted to vanish. Panicking I pushed hard on the man shoving him back Ren’s eyes becoming darker with each step as he got closer to me.

“Mr. Silverman,” Ren’s voice was low and menacing. If you have something to discuss with my fiancée I suggest you do it from a respectable distance.” He wraps his arms around my waist pulling me hard against him. I dare not look at him as I hide my face in his chest. I can feel the eyes of the other Clan leaders on me and Ren and on the man Ren addressed as Silverman.

“Forgive me Lord Feng, it was an accident you stumbled on. I was on my way to meet you when I collided into her. I unconsciously embraced her to keep her from falling That’s all and that’s when you walked out.” Surprised by his lie I looked at him then at Ren.

Ren released me staring down at the other gentleman who had to be at least 50 his hair was full and blonde with silver highlights streaming through. He was dressed formally in a white suit it fit him well with his bleach blonde and silver hair. I hadn’t noticed before but his eyes where a pale green. Something about this man made me feel nostalgic even though I had never met him before.

“Anna is that what happened?” Ren turned to me questioningly his eye looking as if they were my death warning. I quickly nodded in agreement with the man. Ren didn’t need to know the man had grabbed me. I’m sure he was confused I mean he called me someone else’s name. I guess I have a doppelganger out there that he must know. Despite my agreement though Ren seemed even more upset as he brushed passed me without a word the other men snickering and following close behind. Mr. Silverman stayed behind I could feel his eyes on me, my heart sank watching Ren leave. He doesn’t trust me.

“I am sorry to cause you trouble Miss the man says suddenly kneeling and taking my hand into his. When I realized he was about to press his lips against my hand I quickly pulled it back in disgust.

“What the hell do you think your trying to do? I bark angry. It’s your fault he’s mad at me and you’re still trying to cause me more trouble.” I know it wasn’t entirely his fault he even tried to cover for his mistake but I was frustrated by how Ren looked at me.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Well you did and now he might just listen to one of damn other clan heads and marry another all because I don’t fit the requirement because of my parentage! I shouted at the man and turn and storm off to the room I shared with Ren worried he might not come back that I’d be here alone again or worse that I’d be kicked out. I felt miserable I had never expected something like that to happen at least not while I was in the residence so I let my guard down. Ren please don’t abandon me.


            Damnit to hell after all we’ve been through why was she in Silverman’s arms and why the hell did she cover for him. Finally annoyed to the point of killing someone I threw the leaders out. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with them on this and listen to them talk crap about her. I know Anna’s not like that she’s not bold enough to try anything like that. It had to be Silverman. I was heading back to the room wanting to quickly address this issue with Anna before she ran off or miss understood what I was thinking like she always does thats when I saw him. Silverman was still waiting in the hall where I had left him leaning up against the wall his arms cross his chest a contorted expression across his face.

“If you think because Anna vouched for your excuse on your actions that I won’t kill you then your dumber than I thought.” I growl stomping towards him. I wanted to cut off his damn hands touching what’s mine. But before I even touched him, he held up his hand cutting off my threats as if he didn’t want to hear it and his expression said the same. This bastard.

“Kid you need to calm that temper down getting so emotional over something like this one day it’s going to get you killed.” Silverman glared back at me but I could tell he was not being hostile he was calm and composed compared to him I looked like a jealous brat.

“Damnit,” I mutter running my hands through my hair and rub my neck trying to collect myself. “What did you come here for Silverman?”

“I came to talk about a truce the grudge is against me and your father not you and me. I came to discuss an alliance between us he is not a part of this now that he is gone.”

“Ha! What can you offer the Feng Clan for this alliance? You have no daughter to join the clans and I refuse to accept any other woman other than the one waiting behind those doors.” I laugh but Silverman just shakes his head.

“Tradition will not allow you to take her as your wife as she is now.”

“What the hell did you say.” I was getting annoyed again.

“That’s what your father would say.” Silverman finished. “I can help you with this though.”

“How do you plan to do that?” He had my attention now, how would he help when I keep hitting a wall on this.

“It’s simple really, I Silverman will adopt her as my long-lost child she will take my name for the brief time and we join clans through marriage Which no one can argue against not even the elders or the other clan heads. You will then take control of both clans I always wanted a child and grandchildren after my wife and daughter vanished about 20 years ago I lost this chance. I’m also ready to retire and step down however; I have no heir to take my place. So really, we both benefit. Think it over.” Silverman explained bushed off the wall his hand gently tapped my shoulder as he walked way I heard his last words before vanishing “I will wait for a favorable response.”


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