Anna’s Trial V.2 Chap.2

Chapter Two






On Sunday morning, I stirred to the sound of birds chirping outside the bedroom window where a small gleam from the sun shined through. Ren Still lays undisturbed. His right hand lay upon his firm flat stomach as he lay on his back his other arm still under my head as I had passed out on his chest. I blush remembering last night. My body still remembering the heat from his hands as they explored my body every time like it was the first time. I looked up at his gorgeous face. His strong jaw line, his high defined cheek bones his long eyelashes where more noticeable as he slept. His breath so shallow I couldn’t help wondering if he was breathing at all. Reaching up my fingers pinched onto the end of his nose.

“Anna What in god’s name are you trying to do.” Shocked by him suddenly speaking I jumped.

Opening his eyes, he looked over at me questioningly. I sat next to him hand to my heart trying to calm it partly because he surprised me and partly because his gorgeous amber eyes on me set my heart racing and my body on fire.

“I was just making sure you where breathing.” I mumble bowing my head in embarrassment of course plugging his nose would wake him, I’m such an idiot.

Suddenly feeling his hand on my hair his fingers intertwining between the strands my body shivers with excitement. Rising and wrapping his arms around me he pushes me down onto the bed as he pulls me under him I squeak with surprise. His mischievous smile spreads across his face.

“What could you be thinking so early in the morning my angel?” You can hear the amusement in his low husky voice as he gazes at me as if threatening to devour me.

A knock is heard from the bedroom door then Maliki lets himself in. Always shaved clean and well dressed in a fitted suit same as always. Ren doesn’t even pretend to care that Maliki was there as he continues to lay on top of me addressing Maliki’s presence in the room. Maliki to acts as if he sees nothing. Embarrassed I wriggle around trying to free myself from under Ren and this awkward situation. Ren moves his knee up between my legs I yelp in surprise covering my mouth. I could feel it messaging against me arousing me. I pull the blanket over my head tears running down my cheek as I try not to cry out at Ren’s touch. This bastard doing something like this when others are in the room. Feeling frustrated and upset when I suddenly heard their conversation stop and he stopped moving letting out gasp and cough and I looked at him to see his was holding his stomach. I had just punched him by surprise knocking the wind out of him. I should have felt bad but looking at the expression on his face of disbelief I suddenly started to chuckle instead. I laughed so hard my side started to hurt as he rolled off me. I watched him slide his hands through his hair pushing it back as he watched me in disbelief even more. Not only did I punch him but I was laughing about it. My giggling was interrupted by the sound of Maliki trying to stifle his own hoarse laugh. Ren suddenly frowning at us.

“Well I’m glad you find this so funny remember that when later I deal out a punishment worthy of your assault.” Evil grin spreads across his face as he looked at me. I could suddenly feel the color drain from my face.

“Punishment it was not intentional, besides it’s your fault for not caring about my feelings doing something like that honestly theirs a place and time you know.” I said as sweetly as I could; batting my eye lashes.

“Damn woman trying to lash me with your words while acting innocent as hell.” His evil smile turning to amusement. Forget what he said, smiling like that I became mush.

Ren changing expressions turned his body, swinging his feet over the side of the bed standing he walked to the end of the bed and began whispering to Maliki. I wanted to know what they were talking about as I stared at Ren’s Slick fair broad shouldered back. One hand on his hips the other around Maliki’s shoulder. He had been wearing his black silk pajama bottoms last night that I liked the most on him.

“Oh, and one more thing.” Ren Suddenly said loud turning his eyes and smile now towards me as he let Maliki go to face me. Without knowing what was going on the blankets and sheet where suddenly ripped from the bed that had been covering me exposing me in my thin green silk night gown Ren had bought last night. Trying to cover myself has Maliki turned his head his cheeks flushed, Ren began to laugh.

“Time to get up angel.” He smiled like the devil. “Punishment executed. “He turned on his heel amused at my embarrassment he leads Maliki to the door humming.

“My lord.” Maliki says before leaving clearing his throat. “The heads of our previous clan alliance will be here this afternoon, as well as head Silverman from Silverman serpent clan.”

“What the hell do they want.” Ren barks. “Other than their own deaths. Damn them fine they want to meet with me then they will meet with me for the last time.” I hear him growl at Maliki. I hadn’t planned to ease drop but Ren’s words were frightening.

“Ren Shouldn’t you first discover what they want before planning to massacre the heads of so many clans.” I calmly say coming out from behind the blind next to the bed with a sheet wrapped around me.

“She’s right you know my lord besides we can always kill them if we don’t like what we hear after. Besides Silverman is really pushing it coming here that sly bastard it just asking for it don’t you think” Maliki says almost sinisterly. These men can be very scary how I forget is beyond me.

Ren smiles back in agreement with Maliki and then closes the door. When he turns I can almost see the blood lust in his eyes. I turn my head I don’t want to see Ren like this. “Who is Silverman and why do you hate him?” I mumble to break the silence.

“God damnit Anna out of all the questions from that conversation that’s the one you have to ask!”

“So, you won’t tell me then,” I say looking at him sternly?”

“All you need to know is it’s a feud dating back for quite some time.”

So, he hadn’t done anything to Ren personally yet he can still harbor such hate. I feel myself shiver. “I’m going to go shower.” I mumble turning to escape his hot gaze.


            I watch her walk away though it seemed more like running. I keep forgetting she wasn’t born into this life hell I don’t know much about her past now that I think about it I remember reading in Maliki’s report when I was trying to trap her that she was orphaned as a baby never adopted though and that she ran away from the shelter at 16. However, this life style it came to her so easily I have never met anyone man or woman take to this life so easily but when it comes to topics like this she doesn’t understand and I can feel her heart waver from me. Sighing I run my fingers through my hair grabbing hard ready to rip it out with frustration. Why of all people was Silverman coming, my father’s enemy?


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