Anna’s Trail V.2 Chap.4 Part 1

Chapter Four







Favorable my ass something’s fishy here. As far as I know he hadn’t even seen Anna till just a little bit ago so when did he think of this plan and why. First things first I need to find that little brat and find out why she lied for him and it better be a damn good reason.


            Waiting for Ren seemed like eons compared to the almost 30 minutes that had passed. I was feeling more nervous but the second sitting on the sofa, then standing and pacing, adjusting to the bed with a pillow in my lap. I couldn’t sit still and had no idea how long I’d wait. My nerves went from worry to anger. It’s not like I actually did anything wrong, how dare he not trust me. Finally, unable to stand it I switched into a pair of grey sweat pants and my black work out bra and headed out the glass doors in the room that led to a patio behind the manor and headed to the training grounds out back. Having the rooms with the back door made it so much easier to come and go without anyone bothering me. I go to the nearest punching dummy making sure to tape up my hands first before I vent out my frustrations on the dummy. I was mad that Ren didn’t want me there when meeting the elders, mad that I was still not accepted, mad that the men looked down on me, mad at Silverman for making it seem that I wasn’t fit, and pissed that Ren didn’t trust me. I imagined his pissed face looking at me I was wailing on him, I wanted to cry is our relationship so fragile. I can feel words vomit out of my mouth in anger.

“Fine just take another damn wife. I’m not good enough. I don’t want a man who doesn’t trust me.” My eyes were blurry as I punched like a mad man.

“Anna!” A commanding but calm male voice rang in my ears. I spun around in surprise not realizing I wasn’t here alone. It had been Maliki who called out to me.

“If you plan to be out here training then fall in line with a partner.” He nudged his head over to the group of other man training. embarrassed I wiped my eyes and walked carefully over to the others. “Training is good when the soul feels weak” he says gently when I’m in whispering ear shot. He flashes me a smile and pushes me forward. When I join the men. A young man looks to be a new recruit solemnly makes his way toward me and surprises me when he asks to be my sparring partner. I hesitate but am about to agree.

“I wouldn’t if I were you kid she’s on a different level and right now it pretty worked up you’d get your ass kicked maybe even killed when she starts.” Another man says jokingly from behind me. I glared back behind me to see Mikes cheeky smile. Did everyone here my rant. I can’t have no damn privacy here I think to myself.

“I’ll be your partner.” Mike suddenly says shrugging off his leather black jacket, and pulls his tight white t-shirt over his head. “You can wail on me all you like little sis I promise I’ll enjoy it.” Creepy shivers go down my spine at his finished remark this guy is as crazy as always. A warm rough hand slips around my waist while I’m lost in thought startling me as I Remember what happened not just long ago without even thinking his hand was removed as I dragged it around and up behind his back kicking into the back of his kneels. The body falling to his knees. I wake up hearing a chuckle and notice it was Mike that had touch me and I just…. I quickly let go as he stood whipping off his jeans still laughing.

“Nice. Very nice Anna. Now show me more. I’ll work you till your body is satisfied. I’ll talk all the punishment.” I groaned at this sick bastard he’s back to his normal self lately. I look around noticing that everyone is watching.

“What the hell are all you useless bags of crap doing just staring get to work.” Maliki yells out to the rest of the men. Mike and I take stand ready to spar neither making the first move tension building as we watch for the slightest movement.


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