Anna’s Trial V.2 Ch.4 posted

Hey everyone sorry for the post delay had a tragedy in the family and took some time to feel like writing again.

So Its finally here. Anna’s Trial V.2 Chap. 4 you where last left with Anna being embraced by another man. Ren had an offer purposed to him that could solve his issues problem is he didn’t trust the man and he was furious That Anna had lied to him for this man.

If you haven’t read it yet

Anna’s Trial

Rated 18+

Genre: Romance, Smut, Mature, Drama, comedy, gangs


Anna a normal girl waiting to have all her dreams come true falls into a deadly trap when she begins to desire someone she shouldn’t. After being shocked to reality of her boyfriends betrayal she dives head first into the flames of sin with the Don of the underworld Ren. Ren a ruthless cold heartless man lusts for someone he shouldn’t but can’t let go.

V.2 Chap. 4 Preview Enjoy

That’s it he’s not even going to ask me to stay. I stand there dumb founded. Stumbling for words. “You’re an ass.” I quickly cover my mouth shocked at my own sudden words.

“Thanks love, it’s nice to know what you truly think of me.” He says glancing my way.

“Damnit Ren that’s not what I mean, Damnit I don’t know what I mean.” I flop myself back onto the bed ready to rip out my own hair.

“For someone who wants to write you really aren’t every good with words are you.” He looks over at me one eye brow arched up in question and a smirk on his face.

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