Anna’s Trial V.2 Chap.1 Released

Rated 18+

Genre: Romance, Smut, Mature, Drama, comedy, gangs


Anna a normal girl waiting to have all her dreams come true falls into a deadly trap when she begins to desire someone she shouldn’t. After being shocked to reality of her boyfriends betrayal she dives head first into the flames of sin with the Don of the underworld Ren. Ren a ruthless cold heartless man lusts for someone he shouldn’t but can’t let go.

Volume 2 chap.1 ready to read hope you r prepared because Anna and Ren aren’t out of the woods yet.

Hope you enjoy the links are below on post:

Anna’s Trial home Page                                            Anna’s Trial V.2 Chap.1 p.1

Chapter Preview:

just his pajama bottoms. My eyes glued to his succulent body as he stood in front of me.

~“What are you staring at my sweet.” Ren’s expression became almost sinister with delight.

“Nothing!” I quickly try to turn away but my eyes fail me as they glace back over.~


~”It be pretty pathetic don’t you think to see your fearless and ruthless leader hiding from his wife in another room.”

“Leave me alone again, and I promise I will shot you.”~


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