Hands of Fate Chap. 3 Posted

Hands Of Fate Chap. 3 posted

Fantasy, Action, Adventure, romance, Comedy, magic, Supernatural

Meet Stacy a not so simple girl who has been living in secret as a friar names Jarret was born with the hands of fate because inside her is the ultimate weapon. Join her as she is used by those close to her and chased by the three faction plains of the world above, below and right in her very own back yard to gain the ultimate power of the world. Will she give up and seek vengeance on everything and everyone by bringing destruction upon earth, heaven, and hell or bring peace between the three plains. The race for the ultimate power has begun. Who will win her favor and decided fates hand? Game On!

The girl looked at me with blazing eyes, “You should have protected him better.” She started in a whispered that turned into a shrieking scream as she cried. “You killed them all! You’re the evil one! You’re the reason all this happens!”

Hands of Fate

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Love Avly


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