Anna’s Trial Chap. 3 Release

Anna’s Trial Chap. 3 Parts 1 – 6 Released and uploaded.

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Chapter preview:


“If you’re out here all those women are going to be disappointed.” I try to force a smile as I turn to look up at Ren. He stands there smoking his eyes on me.

“So I don’t want to leave you feeling depressed more.” He shrugs his broad shoulders as if it doesn’t concern him. “Besides if I want them, all I have to do is call them unlike a certain cat who is always acting like she’s on a hot tin roof.” He grants me a whisk of his smile. So different from inside.

Anna’s Trial Chap.3 Part 1

If you missed what happened in previous chapter check it out.

Anna’s Trial Chap.2 Part 1


Hands of Fate Chap.2 Part 1

Hands Of Fate Chapter 2 Part 1

Fantasy, Action, Adventure, romance, Comedy, magic, Supernatural

It’s finally here stay tuned for part 2.

“Deny it all you want, but I know for sure you indeed are.”


Hands Of Fate Chap.2 Part 1


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Anna’s Trial Chap.2 Part 1 – 2

Anna’s Trial Chapter 2 Part 1 – 2 release.

Rated 18+

The Chance

Chapter 2 part 1 preview

“First time I have ever been struck I feel so amused and excited as I watch her run. Go ahead and run angel you’ll see me again.”

Anna’s Trial Chap.2 Part 1


Chapter 2 Part 2 preview

““My Anna I wish you wouldn’t address me so formally. Call me Ren as you did that night. It would thrill me to hear it so passionately again.” This damn man is teasing me again my cheeks feeling hot.”

Anna’s Trial Chap.2 Part.2

Hands Of Fate

Hands Of Fate

Fantasy, Action, Adventure, romance, Comedy, magic, Supernatural

Meet Stacy a not so simple girl who has been living in secret as a friar names Jarret was born with the hands of fate because inside her is the ultimate weapon. Join her as she is used by those close to her and chased by the three faction plains of the world above, below and right in her very own back yard to gain the ultimate power of the world. Will she give up and seek vengeance on everything and everyone by bringing destruction upon earth, heaven, and hell or bring peace between the three plains. The race for the ultimate power has begun. Who will win her favor and decided fates hand? Game On!

Hands Of Fate

Anna’s Trial Chap 1 Part 2 & 3

First start to my web novel series has been released.

Anna’s Trial Chapter 1 Part 1 has been posted

Rates 18+

First Encounter

This angel cries out for me with every touch, I haven’t ever felt this excited. Her slender waist threatening to break in my hands. Her beautiful long golden hair sprawled across the bed.

Anna’s Trial Chap. 1 Part 2


“Well if looking at me is pissing you off then maybe you should have just let me go home alone!” I want to smack the smirk of his damn face as his lips curl up in amusement.

Anna’s Trial Chap.1 Part 3

Anna’s Trial

Rated 18+

Genre: Romance, Smut, Mature, Drama, comedy, gangs


Anna a normal girl waiting to have all her dreams come true falls into a deadly trap when she begins to desire someone she shouldn’t. After being shocked to reality of her boyfriends betrayal she dives head first into the flames of sin with the Don of the underworld Ren. Ren a ruthless cold heartless man lusts for someone he shouldn’t but can’t let go.